With MC Mithun Bacheval

11AM- 12PM

The Dame – Irish ballads from her Childhood 

Japnoor – Bhangra – the traditional dance of Punjab

Pribci – Father and Son play folk songs from Slovenia to Slovakia 

Heart Bellydance – classical and folkloric Egyptian style belly dance. Yalla – let’s dance!

12 – 1PM

Alan Welsh Flamenco Songs from Venezuela and Spanish – influenced improvisations

Sri Lankan Community of Southern Tasmania and Wishmitha – Sinhala songs

ADHI – Carnatic music, the ancient art form based on intricate time scales and complex ragas

1.45 – 2PM

Shysta Sodhi & Shrish Sodhi – Indian Fusion – Punjabi piece with a hint of Bollywood and Hip-Hop

TEAHOUSE – Indian Fusion – sounds of the Sitar and Table with flutes, harmonium and double bass. Vocals are Sanskrit or Hindi


Sujata’s School of Indian Dance – South Indian style of Bharat Natyam Classical plus Bengali folk dances

Khaled Zerro – the first and only Afghan and Persian singer in the state

Big Money – South Sudan dance hall from the leading Hip Hop and dancehall MC in Hobart

3 – 4PM

Van Meerendonk – Dirk Kooy represents the culture of Holland and the Hobart Dutch Community

Sing For Your Life! Choir – a cappella, four-part harmony in a Southern Gospel Set

M.T. Blues Music – Southern USA – New and old songs Influenced by the early Masters of the Delta Blues